Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Final Product

This is our final product. We have called it 'hidden' it is a mild thriller for a 15 rating. I feel our final draft fits this rating well, and fits all the conventions of a thriller genre.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Final Deadline Lesson

Today it is our final deadline lesson. In this lesson all we need to complete in the soundtrack to our opening. We have music on our ident, which we put in last lesson, but none on the actual film itself. We should make the deadline as this should not take too long and is the only thing left for us to do.
We feel our film is much better than the Childrens Film Opening as our editing is much quicker and smoother and we have used more effects As long as our music goes well i feel it will be a much better end product.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Feedback lesson

In lesson today everyone showed the class their films and we each gave each other feedback. This is the feed back our film received:

What they thought was good:
- Lots of shot types from different angles
- Good camera work
- Fits the thriller genre
- Smooth and consistent editing
- Good close ups
- Good make up

What they thought we could improved:
- The sound
- More editing
- Zoom shouldn't have been used with the point of view shot

From these feedbacks we are please that our camera angles are good, that the make up is good and that people think it is a thriller.

Being told that the editing needs working on helps as it makes us realise the editing needs to be more quick and snappy. We knew that we have to include sound we just didn't have time to do this in the last lesson of editing. I think the comment about how we shouldn't zoom in out point of view shot is a good comment, however i am not sure how we are going to go back and re-do this shot as we are no longer allowed on the stairs in which we filmed this shot.

This lesson has been very useful and we will use all the criticisms.
Charlotte Bocking, Ryan Laxton

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

First Editing Lesson

Today will be our first editing lesson before the rough cut deadline tomorrow. We will be uploading our footage to the computer and then cutting out any unwanted shots. Also we will try and add effects and get the soundtrack uploaded to it, in order to get a decent product for showing the class. We also have tomorrows lesson to do this. The end of tomorrows lesson is the deadline.
We have already completed most of the soundtrack and have made an ident. Our credits are in our filming so the main goal is to cut the filming and add effects.
Charlotte Bocking

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Look at another groups blog...

- The best post you have done is your location post, talking about where you will film the hostage scene. You have described what you want to do with lighting and it contains a picture which makes the post more interesting.
- You need to do an evaluation post or at least a draft version.
- In all your posts, you inform us thoroughly and precisely with no spelling mistakes.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Location

We asked to film in the photography studio, However it is fully booked until next Wednesday, and out filming time ends on the Tuesday. So we have decided we will be shooting our hostage scenes in a media classroom, making it as dark as possible. We will then add more darkness in the editing process by making the dark bits darker in the shots. We will be filming in Fridays lesson, and possibly if we need more time, during lunch and form time on Monday. This should be enough time for us to film.

The image above is an example of a room with minimal things in it. We will also be using a chair in our scene so this is quite similar to what we will be using. It is also quite dark and creepy which is the look we are aiming for to build suspense.
Charlotte Bocking

Friday, 26 February 2010


Today i, Kirsten looks at several different dramatic drones and pulses for our thriller. I used the media studies CD and listened to the tracks to see which one i thought suited our thriller the best. I came up with Track 4, Track 12 - Horror Drone, and Track 20 - Chemodrone. I thought track 4 was an effective track, as it has a very strong beat, and also a clock ticking, which i thought would be effective because the hostage is held in a school, and it makes it sound like the school clock is ticking, and time is passing but no-one has found her yet. I thought track 12 was an effective track as it gets louder and louder, and is quite echoey. It feels like there is someone there but the hostage does not know this which fits well with our thriller. I thought track 20 was good because it sounds as if someone is screaming but its an echo, but it sounds like a girl, which we have the hostage being a girl.

Kirsten Toye